Provider Appreciation Day 2015

This Friday, May 8th, is Provider Appreciation Day.  Child Care Aware has the following recommendations for celebrating the day and celebrating your staff:

  • Call local restaurants, retail stores, and grocery stores to request gift certificates for your staff
  • Plan a luncheon or dinner honoring your staff
  • Hang banners or posters
  • Ask government officials to sign a proclamation
  • Purchase a new piece of equipment in honor of the day
  • Provide a scholarship for an early care education conference or workshop
  • Pay for a day off so a staff member may attend a conference or workshop
  • Organize a spa day
  • Plan a parent/provider picnic
  • Have a parade or dedicate a park
  • Send a press release to your local newspaper
  • Invite staff and parents to partner with you to plan a program-wide event
  • Invite neighboring early childhood organizations to join you in your celebration

The following recommendations are suggested as ways for parents to say “thank you”, but could be appropriate for an organization as well:

  • Send flowers, cards or a handwritten note of appreciation
  • Give your provider a paid day off, a raise, or a bonus
  • Key in on your provider's hobby and buy an appropriate gift

Regardless of how you celebrate the day, I hope it’s a wonderful day for your staff…and for you!  Thank you for all that you do for children.