"When our organization first considered the idea of on-site childcare, we were not sure where to begin. As luck would have it, we found KidCentric via the internet and asked that they assist us. Nearly six years later, we continue to be pleased with the quality and professionalism of everyone involved at KidCentric."

-Gaby Davis
(IAPMO - Senior Director of Worldwide Operations)
Daycare Evaluations, Daycare Risk Management, Daycare Products and Forms, Daycare Management Resources
Daycare Evaluations

Our staff members will conduct a variety of assessments to evaluate different aspects of your day care, to assist with day care risk management and to help you plan continuous improvements. We will provide an assessment of your day care environment, including indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as interactions between children, staff and parents. We will help you to identify and correct any situations that might put your program at risk of child abuse. We will also identify those aspects of your day care program that are exceptional and help you to build on your strengths.

  • Infant/Toddler Environmental Rating Scale (ITERS)
  • Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS)
  • Child Abuse Risk Assessment Tool (CARAT)
  • Day Care Management Evaluation Tool

All of our day care evaluations include both a written report and a verbal feedback session for you and your staff. Additionally, we will help you write an action plan to improve any weak areas and assist with the on-going implementation of the action plan.